Making Work Fun



I received this in a LinnkedIn message this evening from my friend, mentor, and team lead, Syd.

Even during the times of the most significant stuff going down since the start of the pandemic, throughout the lockdown and physical distancing, and with our calendars being wiped out in a matter or a few days, you could either get sucked into doomscrolling through all the ugliness on antisocial media, or, let your inner silly self off the leash and have a bit of fun. Yes, we chose fun!

It was a lesson learned from my late mother. She had two favourite sayings:

“Life is too damned short to be so f**king significant about it!”


“I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” (typically followed by: Step on it Sunshine, get the lead out! Let’s get a move on girl, time’s a-wastin’!!)

One day, while having a wander through the PATH system in underground Toronto, I ran into a former colleague whom I had not seen in years. She stopped to chat for a minute and said, “I miss your laugh most of all around that place!” My laugh? “Yes, we called it your Woody Woodpecker laugh, that filthy laugh of yours, HA HA HA! hahahahahahahahahaha! And the tears would be running down your face while you leaned back in your chair, gasping for breath. I could be having the most shitty day ever, and I couldn’t help but giggle once I heard you start laughing, and then the day wasn’t shitty anymore.”

Because of the nature of our work, particularly during a pandemic, we do deal with a lot of significant stuff when supporting folks. Sometimes you have to take the leash off your inner wacky self and let it have a good romp. Give me enough time, I’ll find something hilariously funny, that minutes before had me rolling my eyes, and then come up with some bit of sass to get people giggling.

If I wake up in a particularly goofy mood in the morning, I’ll forewarn a friend of mine with this line via text: “Chief Silly Bitch reporting for duty!! *snappy salute*”

One of the things I am grateful for, that our team leads, Syd & Brad, along with our PATSS team members, always make space to bring fun to work.

Try it yourself, kittens, bring some fun to your work, and see what happens.

Love, sunbeams, and kitten dreams,

Christine πŸ’™πŸ’™

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I was asked recently, what do the people who are my closest, most treasured friends have in common. Well, beyond being chosen family, the quote above, which spoke to me today, I think says it best. They are the people who quietly work away at making the world work for everyone they encounter.

If you were to take a look at those who are in your innermost circle, the people who if you had to call on them, would always be there no matter what, what are the similar threads among them? I bet if you thought about it, you could come up with a few that every one of them has in common with you, and together, we can make the ocean rise.

Love, sunbeams, and kitten dreams,

Christine πŸ’™πŸ’™



During shutdown, I have been eyes on screen, fingers on keys, and writing away each day. There is a new blog title and tagline as of today. It was time for some redecorating around this old place.

All of that writing has been going toward finally publishing my memoirs next year. (I felt that my first attempt was more boring than my Economics textbooks from my school days, that’s why I kept my longhand notes and dumped the Pages file and started from scratch.)

For all of you who have been telling me for years, “You should write a book!” it’s almost a reality, f’realzies.

I was asked recently where Hey Writer Grrl came from. Well, about 6 or 7 years ago, my friend Miranda, down there in New Jersey, and I were having a gabfest and sharing links to YouTube videos of things we remember from our early years (we’re both 60’s chicks). We hit upon a batch of videos from old game shows, and found an old favourite, Hollywood Squares. There were compilations of Paul Lynde’s most hilarious and snarky answers. When he answered Peter Marshall’s question with “Hey Culligan Man!!”, Miranda said, “that’s it, there’s your account handle!” We checked, it was not in use, and for 6 years that was my Twitter handle, and figured into account names on other platforms as well. Now that I have made my escape from social media, it will live on here on this blog.

With my writing leaning towards different areas and topics in recent months, it was time to give the place a bit of a sprucing up, hang some new curtains, and all such things. It’s still the same old me, the one with the filthy dark sense of humour, the dirty laugh, and I’ll still be that C.B.S. chick (classy, brassy, and sassy).

While brainstorming this idea, my friend Melanie actually handed me what looks to be a fitting title for the memoirs (there have been a number of working titles, some of which you couldn’t print on a book cover) coming in 2021, along with two other books also in the works at this time.

I’m quite looking forward to this one. My publisher and I have been bouncing the idea around of doing a small limited run of hardcover versions as gifts for those who played a part in this first solo book. I’ve been published in magazines, journals, online sites, and in anthologies plus brief word illustrations for other author’s books; this is my first time where it will be my name on the cover. (Yikes!)

There will be a few nifty, neato, peachy keen pieces of my memoirs; a highly talented and truly breathtaking young artist will be providing a piece of her artwork, and the rest will be a surprise when you read the copy you bought.

What will happen when the book is ready depends entirely on the status of the current pandemic. I suggested to my publisher we could always have a book lunch instead of a book launch, if things are still iffy.

I’ll leave you with something for a laugh …

Stay safe, stay cool, and do find time for a laugh today.

Love, sunbeams, and kitten dreams,

Christine πŸ’™πŸ’™