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It’s been a day. Think that about covers all aspects of it.

The usual stuff after something like this happens … media will speculate wildly on various things. The online world will make it 100 times worse once the trolls start their nonsense. That’s why it’s always wisest to wait for the FACTS. The Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook infographic … every point on that was hit in the coverage today.

You see, what’s missing while people debate nonsense endlessly — 10 fatalities, 15 injured. That number will likely change if some of the most critically injured decline suddenly. They are forgotten in the rush to offer opinions on every little thing online.

I recall the wisdom of Mr. Rogers: in these situations, look for the people who are helping. The first responders, people on the street, everyday folks just out getting some air on an 18 degree sunny afternoon, such a change from a week ago, nobody hesitated for an instant. Proud of them, each and every one, because they ran towards the dead and injured and helped in any and every way possible. Extra love to our first responders tonight, We’ve Got Your Back.

If you are a 60s hippie kid like me, you’ll remember the sign off on City tv every day of the week with People City. Lots of great retro video scenes, everybody doing their thing. Toronto the good. 40 years on, and a lot of us are still around, and a younger generation has taken the place of those who aren’t. Same good people, same folks doing their thing, making our city great.

What to do next? Hug your loved ones a little longer and a little tighter. Say whatever three words bring comfort; I Love You; I’ve Got You; You’re Safe Now; you’ll know the right three, trust me.

We will do what we always do in Toronto, when we can, we will carry on and life will continue. Avoid the media … don’t obsess over every little thing that gets a BREAKING NEWS hashtag or graphic slapped on it.

Think instead of the people of our People City; where the miraculous and the magical happened today and will again tomorrow and the next day, and so on. The stories of people looking out for each other on transit, on the sidewalks, I noticed this afternoon and evening that there has not been the impatient honking and yelling from drivers waiting to get to the highway that I have heard every day for the past few weeks.

Friends who reached out to friends via text, voicemail, email, phone call … hey, you safe? You need a shoulder/ear? “Are you okay?” was asked in a hundred different ways. People will be affected by today’s events; there’s no shame in reaching out, so do just that, and we will guide people to the assistance they require.

The scenery may have changed over the years, but the people of Toronto, People City, they are the constant that makes our city so great. We truly are #TorontoStrong and we will always remain the #PeopleCity

Enjoy the 70s nostalgia: Toronto People City

Love, sunbeams, and kitten dreams.

Christine 💙💙

With PC Pete Grande and PC Danielle Bottineau at the vigil for the victims, April 2018.