About the Author

Christine Newman is a Director and LGBTQ Advocate of the National Women in Law Enforcement Association; LGBTQ2S Peer Support Advisor & Lived Experience Facilitator for Mood Disorders Society of Canada Peer and Trauma Support Systems; and a peer supporter at WeNeverWalkAlone for US law enforcement. She works with police services across Canada and overseas, and completed 20 years with the Toronto Police Service in a variety of community roles. She has been an activist and advocate for 38 years, and is known for her extensive body of work nationally. Using her lived experience battling her mental health since her childhood, she has been involved in mental health advocacy work for 30 years. She continues to work with mental health organizations to bring inclusiveness into their programs and training.

Christine is a contributing writer on mental health for multiple publications, a contributing author to Cuarenta y Nueve (Pulse Nightclub tribute), Brainstorm Revolution: true mental health stories of love, personal evolution, and cultural revolution, and, Not Cancelled: Canadian Caremongering in the Face of COVID-19. She is currently preparing her memoirs for publication in 2021, has contributed her writing to new anthologies, and is co-authoring a new book, titled The Distance Between You and Me; Being Human, Without Labels.

Widely known for her communication, listening, and empathic skills, for many years now, Christine is a highly sought after educator and public speaker. She has guest lectured at numerous post-secondary institutions, and for law enforcement. Her sense of humour is well-known at conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, and in speeches, allowing her to cover significant topics in an easy to digest fashion. She has been featured in numerous news articles, and on radio and television shows in recent years.

Known to those dearest to her as a certified comical curmudgeon, when not involved in her many activities, Christine can be found indulging her musical side, playing a number of instruments for her own entertainment. Because she loves being busy, she is currently working toward her goal of obtaining a Masters degree in Psychology.

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